Christmas Delights

Winter is officially in swing here in the great Pacific Northwest and the countdown to Christmas is on. Personally during this season I feel like I’m either running a full on sprint or on vacation for days at a time either way, I’m loving it! Yes, it can be chaotic at times but quality time with family & friends is definitely worth it! In between working, decorating, shopping, drinking copious amounts of cocoa and enjoying family & friends I’ve been crafting away. I wanted to share a quick yummy treat that I make during this time of year as well as, a delicious alcoholic beverage.tonofpeppret

Chocolate Covered Pretzels!!!

The combination of the salty with the sweet is perfection!!!These are definitely for the non-baker or anyone who simply just doesn’t have time to bake. These are so simple and kids love being recruited to help make them.

All you need is

parchment paper

Ghirardelli melting chocolate (I prefer white chocolate)

Snyder’s Pretzels (your choice of style I use either the rods or pretzel minis)

Suggested toppings

Colored sprinkles (red, green etc..)

crushed candy canes



Prepare your work space by having lots of counter space available. Line a couple of cookie sheets with parchment paper. Put your pretzels in a bowl and have all your toppings open and on hand. Use a microwavable dish to melt your chocolate in the microwave paying particular attention to the package melting directions. After the chocolate is properly melted start dipping away. I like to dip only half of the pretzel no matter what type of pretzels I’m using. Cover the whole half of the pretzel in chocolate lightly shaking off any excess then transfer pretzel flat onto your parchment lined sheet. Continue to dip pretzels and after every five or so sprinkle with whatever festive topping/s you choose. The chocolate sets pretty fast so you can make a bunch in a short amount of time. This year I did white chocolate with red sprinkles and white chocolate with crushed candy cane. Both tasted AMAZING!!!! I also like to line whatever container/tin I’m packing the pretzels in with parchment paper. I scored on these festive Christmas tins from the Dollar Tree this year.



Moscow Mules 

My mom turned me onto Moscow Mules recently not only are they super simple but delicious!moscowmule

You’ll need

Vodka 2oz.

Ginger beer 4oz.



I suggest using copper mugs not only do they keep this beverage super cold they are beautiful. Fill your copper mug with ice add vodka, ginger beer then squeeze a hefty lime wedge into the drink then stir. Add a fresh lime wedge for garnish and enjoy!!!