Hi!I’m Nicole and this blog is where I share what I’m feeling. I’m from the beautiful Pacific Northwest and currently reside here. I deeply love the Northwest and all that is has to offer from the landscape to the eclectic arts culture and yes, even the rain! Living in such a creative place I’ve always had an affinity for the arts and sharing them with others. My passion for the arts continues to prompt me to pursue various creative ventures and this blog is one of those ventures a place of expression and creativity. My desire is that you’ll join me on a journey capturing life as art and by reading this you’ll feel inspired and challenged.

Snippets about me

I’m waaaay into details.

Obsessed with accessories.

I will never turn down a spontaneous dance party.

I’m a life learner – I absolutely love to learn and try new things.

My favorite things are coffee, sleeping, baking, reading (self help books, biographies), traveling, making art and listening to jazz.

I have a rather eclectic style spanning from vintage to modern.

I cherish spending time with family & friends.

I believe life is too short and should be lived to its fullest. I also believe it’s never too late to change or follow your dreams.

I’m genuinely glad you’re here! Let’s have a blast!