Must Read Books📚

The past month of February was super cold, snowy and icy at times here in the northwest so staying in was a must. Amidst trying to not go crazy from cabin fever I reached for some of my favorite books to reread. Each one is wonderfully unique and I wholeheartedly believe would benefit anyone who reads them.

Thrive – by Arianna Huffington

This book is chalked full of wisdom that runs counter culture to the typical American hustle mentality presenting better, more productive ways for people to live their best lives.

If You Feel Too Much – by Jamie Tworkowski

This book is full of powerful true stories. Each time after reading it I feel more connected to humanity and in some ways more hopeful.

Big Magic – by Elizabeth Gilbert

I think everyone in the world is meant to be creative in some way or another and should read this. Our world and lives are better when we live from a place of creative thinking. Honestly, if I would had read this book before going to college I don’t know if I would have actually went.Thought provoking,validating and dare I say magical.


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